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Guru Arjan:"Nanak: He who Creates all, them sustains He too,He whose wonder is this all, also Cares for it."
Based on the belief in One God, the Sikh religion recognizes the equality of all human beings, and is marked by rejection of idolatry, ritualism, caste and asceticism. This website serves to heighten the awareness of Sikhism and hopefully can be of some use to seekers of knowledge.

Welcome to the Gateway to Sikhism

Baisakhi di Lakh Lakh Vadhai Hove ji

Khalsa mero roop hai khaas Khalsa mein hoon karoon nivaas||
Jab lag Khalsa rahey niyaara Tab lag tej diyoon main saara.||

VAISAKHI : APRIL 14, 2014 

On this memorable Baisakhi day (March,30 of A.D.1699) , Guru Gobind Singh Sahib called a big meeting at Kesgarh Sahib near the City of Anandpur Sahib. Between fifty to eighty thousand Sikhs attended this meeting. When all were expecting to hear words of comfort and consolation from the lips of their Guru, they were perturbed to see him with a drawn sword in his hand and cried ' Is there anyone here who would lay down his life for Dharam?' There was a big silence, but the Guru went on repeating his demand. At the third call Daya Ram, a Khatri of Lahore, rose from his seat and offered himself. The Guru took him into an adjoining enclosure....(and soon after) came out with the (blood) dripping....(sword in hand) and flourshing it before the gathering, asked again, 'Is there any other Sikh here who will offer himself as a sacrifice(for the cause of dharma)? At this Daram Das, a Jat of Delhi (Haryana side) came forward and was taken into the enclosure....(The Guru again came out with the blood-stained sword, and made his previous demand). In the same way three other men stood up, one after another, and offered themselves for the sacrifice. One was Mohkam Chand, a washerman of Dwarka (Gujarat State); another was Himmat, a cook of Jagannath (Orissa State); and the third was Sahib Chand, a barber of Bidar (Karnataka State). The Guru, after dressing the five in handsome clothes, brought them from the assembly. These five were then administered 'Khande di Pahul' (the double-edged Sword Amrit). They were then knighted as Singhs, as the Five beloved ones, the first members of the Order of the Khalsa. The Guru then asked them to administer the Pahul to him in the same manner in which he had given the Pahul to them, and it was done so. With the creation of Khalsa, the Khalsa created history and since the birth of Khalsa, the history of Punjab has been the history of Sikhs. Baisakhi played a significant role in this regard. In 1762, Ahmed Shah Abdali, with the sole purpose to destroy the entire Sikh nation, declared 'Jehad'(holy-war) against the Sikhs and all the Muslims of the Punjab rallied under this slogan. The Sikhs were surrounded near the village Kup in Ludhiana District. Chronicles mention that about twenty thousand Sikhs were martyred in a single day. This event is known in the history of the Sikhs as "Ghallughara" (Bloody Carnage). After this, Ahmed Shah Abdali thought that he had crushed the entire Sikh nation, but was greatly disillusioned when after a few months heard that the Sikhs in large number are celebrating Baisakhi at Amritsar. In due course of time Baisakhi reminds every Sikh of his cultural and religious heritage. On Baisakhi day all the Sikhs used to assemble at Amritsar and decide their problems relating to politics and religion. This convention still goes on..

Sikh News Headlines

Ludhiana, Punjab: According to some media reports, Bhai Mandeep Singh Kubbe, who shooted Bihari migrant in police custody, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

It may be recalled that Bihari Hindu migrants had interrupted an Akand Paatth Sahib in August 2012 that was being held at Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara Sahib, Sahnewal. Dalip Kumar, a migrant Bihari Hindu had attacked the Granthi Singh, and committed the ultimate sacrilege when they forcibly tore off a sacred Ang from Guru Granth Sahib.

Bhai Mandeep Singh from the town of Kubay, near Samrala, had shot Dalip Kumar with his revolver. A case was...


Chandigarh: The Punjab Congress said the Akali Dal-BJP alliance in the state would drown in the sixth river of drugs and liquor flowing in the state whose source was this very alliance. The people were filled up with anger as by patronizing smuggling of narcotics, the Akali Dal leaders were playing with the future of this sensitive border state.

In a statement issued here today, party general secretary and member of its state level campaign committee Rajanbir Singh said the menace of drugs had taken over Punjab like an epidemic and the situation worsens during elections. He slammed the Akali Dal...


Morinda, Nangal, Punjab: Shiromani Akali Dal ( SAD) president and Punjab deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal on Wednesday said there was no need for Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi to apologise for the 2002 Gujarat genocide.

“Apology for what, when a high court and the Supreme Court have already given clean chit to Modi in the genocide case,” Sukhbir said, while talking to reporters at Morinda town in Rupnagar district.

In reply to a question, he said the scarcity of sand and gravel in the state was not an issue in the Lok Sabha elections, though the...


New Delhi: With Cong ress chief Sonia Gandhi launching yet another attack on BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi, BJP leader Arun Jaitley hit back questioning her “idea of India”. Sonia said at an election rally in Kanyakumari on Wednesday that sacrifice of leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was to see to it that “idea of India, the idea of secularism and equal opportunities for all should not go in vain”.

Jaitley went on to refer the 1984 massacre of Sikhs, Bofors scam, HDW submarine deal, bribing MPs in JMM case and the cash for vote scam, 2G spectrum scandal, coal...


Jalandhar, Punjab: The rapid degeneration of the bones excavated from the ‘Kalianwala Khu’ in Ajnala around a month ago has become a cause for concern among historians.

Historian Surinder Kochhar, who led the excavation of the 282 soldiers killed in 1857, alleged the government was taking too long to conserve the remains.

“People from all over the world are concerned about the preservation of the remains, but our government seems least interested. As many as 90 skulls were excavated from the well, but only 15 are left. The bones are disintegrating fast,” he said.

Kochhar further said the remaining 15 may also disintegrate in...


Brampton, Canada: We wish all of you a joyous Vaisakhi! To mark the birth of the Khalsa, a ceremony was held today at Brampton’s Khalsa Community School where the Government of Canada and the World Sikh Organization of Canada announced the implementation of a policy accommodating the wearing of kirpan in Canadian missions (consulates and embassies) around the world. The announcement was made by Minister of State Tim Uppal and WSO’s legal counsel Balpreet Singh.

Sikhs will be permitted to wear the kirpan in Canadian missions based on the following guidelines:

  • their kirpan is secured within a sheath, attached to a fabric belt,...

Today in Sikh History


Hukumnama Darbar Sahib

Harmandir Sahib Hukumnama : Fri 18 April, 2014
Your Husband Lord is with you, O deluded soul-bride, but you do are not aware of Him. Your destiny is written on your forehead, according to your past actions. This inscription of past deeds cannot be erased; what do I know about what will happen? You have not adopted a virtuous lifestyle, and you are not attuned to the Lords Love; you sit there, crying over your past misdeeds.Wealth and youth are like the shade of the bitter swallow-wort plant; you are growing old, and your days are coming to their end. O Nanak, without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, you shall end up as a discarded, divorced bride; your own falsehood shall separate you from the Lord. || 1 || You have drowned, and your house is ruined; walk in the Way of the Gurus Will. Meditate on the True Name, and you shall find peace in the Mansion of the Lords Presence. Meditate on the Lords Name, and you shall find peace; your stay in this world shall last only four days. Sit in the home of your own being, and you shall find Truth; night and day, be with your Beloved. Without loving devotion, you cannot dwell in your own home listen, everyone! O Nanak, she is happy, and she obtains her Husband Lord, if she is attuned to the True Name. || 2 || If the soul-bride is pleasing to her Husband Lord, then the Husband Lord will love His bride. Imbued with the love of her Beloved, she contemplates the Word of the Gurus Shabad. She contemplates the Gurus Shabads, and her Husband Lord loves her; in deep humility, she worships Him in loving devotion. She burns away her emotional attachment to Maya, and in love, she loves her Beloved. She is imbued and drenched with the Love of the True Lord; she has become beautiful, by conquering her mind. O Nanak, the happy soul-bride abides in Truth; she loves to love her Husband Lord. || 3 || The soul-bride looks so beautiful in the home of her Husband Lord, if she is pleasing to Him. It is of no use at all to speak false words. If she speaks false, it is of no use to her, and she does not see her Husband Lord with her eyes. Worthless, forgotten and abandoned by her Husband Lord, she passes her life-night without her Lord and Master. Such a wife does not believe in the Word of the Gurus Shabad; she is caught in the net of the world, and does not obtain the Mansion of the Lords Presence. O Nanak, if she understands her own self, then, as Gurmukh, she merges in celestial peace. || 4 || Blessed is that soul-bride, who knows her Husband Lord. Without the Naam, she is false, and her actions are false as well. Devotional worship of the Lord is beautiful; the True Lord loves it. So immerse yourself in loving devotional worship of God. My Husband Lord is playful and innocent; imbued with His Love, I enjoy Him. She blossoms forth through the Word of the Gurus Shabad; she ravishes her Husband Lord, and obtains the most noble reward. O Nanak, in Truth, she obtains glory; in her Husbands home, the soul-bride looks beautiful. || 5 || 3 ||
Hukumnama Darbar Sahib

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