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Sikh Matrimonials

Sikh Matrimonials
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Sikh Matrimonials


Historical Events

Quotations from Adi Granth :


1. Thy earrings: Contentment, Humility thy bowl, thy wallet, 'Intent on God' -- the Ashes thou smear, 'And thought of Death,' the Coat thou wear. Chastity thy Way and Faith, thy Staff. And, if thou seekest the Ayee's path, The One in each and all thou hast to see, And conquer the self in thee. The world then would thine be. 
(Guru Nanak, Jap)

2. If only the Lord Abides within thee, And thou keepest all else without, Thou practisest Yoga in the midst of thy kinggly state. (Asa M. 5)

3. Yoga is neither int he patched coat, nor in the Yogi's staff, nor in smearing oneself with ashes, Nor in wearing the ear-rings, nor close cropping the head, nor in
blowing the horn; Only if one remains Detached in the midst of attachments, one attains to the (True) state of Yoga. One becomes not a Yogi by mere talk. If one looks upon on the creation alike, he is acclaimed as a true Yogi. Yoga is not in abiding at the tombs or the cramatoriums, nor in entering into a pseudo-trance.

Yoga consists not in roaming the world, nor in bathing at the pilgrim-stations. Only if one remains Detached in the midst of attachments, one attains to the (True) state of Yoga.
If one meets with the Perfect Guru, one's Doubt is dispelled, and cease the outgoings of one's mind;
And then oozes (Nectar) out of the (mind's) Spring, and one is Attuned to the Music of Bliss, and one Sees one's Lord in one's very home. Yea, if one remains Detached in the midst of attachments, one attains to the (True) state of Yoga.

Says Nanak: "Die thou to thy self while yet alive; practise thou such a Yoga: That without being blown, the Horn rings (within thee) and thou Attainest to the state of Fearlessness.
For, if one remains Detached in the midst of attachment, then alone one attains to the (True) state of Yoga.

4. Some there are, the ascetics, wrapt in their trance, Who are renowned as Yogis, Pundits and men of Wisdom. But whether they abide in homes or the crematoria or the forests, Maya clings to their skirts. (Maru M. 5)

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